Advocacy Workshop

Advocacy: A Systematic Approach to Systemic Change

(This Stinks and Needs to be Changed)


A problem-based learning program that actively involves the participants in the process of advocacy. It is group driven and highly interactive. Participants move through a six step process.

  1. Develop the Issue – (research the topic, reduce topic to core issues)
  2. Identify the Players – (who are your targets, allies and what venues are available)
  3. Adapt the message – (match core issue to target and venue)
  4. Perform the Action – (single approach or coordinated efforts)
  5. Evaluate the Results – (assess effectiveness and impact)
  6. Repeat the Process – (depending on results)

Learning Objectives:

By the end of the session, participants will be able to:

  • Develop an advocacy strategy based on a relevant issue and the constituencies involved.
  • Identify multiple “Avenues of Advocacy”.
  • Implement a coordinated, multifaceted advocacy initiative.
  • Identify personal advocacy strengths and areas for development.

Audience: Self-advocates, nonprofit organizations, grassroots organizations, community groups, advocates.

Time: 90 minutes