Speaking Topics


Rob presents a variety of messages, all pertinent and powerful. While each is unique, they are customizable to your needs for a speaker.

Motivational Speech

What do you want to do?
Focusing on goals instead of obstacles is what brings success.

Inspirational Speech

Who are you?
The true measure of character and personal identity does not lie in my circumstances or in the eyes of others, it is internal. Character is what I am regardless of my surroundings.

Reflection and Acheivement

What is your life?
Looking at successes, no matter how small, can form the foundation for positive thinking. Additionally, we all need a periodic check of what is highest on our priority scale.

Disability Awareness Training

Got Problems?
Everyone faces barriers in their own life. Examining the way we handle them gives insight into who we are. Looking at the experience of what it means to be human, we can understand that we are all made of similar components and have lots in common. It is in our differences that we can find strengths.