Keynote Presentations

Keynote Speeches:

Still Walking

The path of life is filled with bumps, potholes and detours. Still Walking is a powerful keynote based on real-life examples that challenges people to assess their obstacles, limitations and strengths on a personal and professional level. It’s a reminder that our focus determines our success. In Still Walking, Rob uses his personal journey of a paralyzing injury to get to the heart of the “Human Condition*” and move audiences to achieve greatness by maximizing their abilities.

Takeaway message: No one ever achieved anything amazing by focusing on what they can’t do!


It Only Takes One

The things we do and say every day have an impact on those around us. “It Only Takes One” shares real life examples and practical strategies for being a positive influence regardless of our position or the organization we represent. The actions we choose have the potential to change the customer experience as well as the culture of the organization. It Only Takes One and it starts with you.

Key Takeaway: My impact on my surroundings is not neutral, I’m either a positive 1 or a negative 1.


Robology 101

A Patient’s Perspective on Quality Customer Care

Be ready to be moved as Rob Oliver shares his life’s journey in a powerful, positive, and somewhat humorous style. With his insider’s view of the “patient experience”, Rob highlights the incredible positive impact that healthcare professionals and teams had in his life and the potential impact in the lives of other patients going through difficult times. In an environment of time limitations and other practical constraints, Rob brings together his story with powerful life lessons to reinforce the importance of patient centered care and reignite participants passion for why they were drawn to a career in healthcare. He additionally empowers medical professionals to utilize their unique strengths to be an agent of change in their workplace. (This presentation has previously been approved for continuing education credits.)

Key Takeaway: Compassionate, person and family centered care improves healthcare outcomes, patient satisfaction and loyalty, and employee satisfaction.


Open a Window (Because the Door Got Slammed in Your Face!)

“I’m not interested, go away!” How many times have you heard that. We all face obstacles outside of our control. The key is what we do next! In “Opening a Window”, Rob looks at how to keep going when the initial response is, “No!” He draws from his own experiences facing discrimination, limited opportunities, stigma and misunderstanding, on top of his physical limitations. If the door of opportunity is closed, let’s “Open a Window!”

Takeaway Message: Success comes from persistence in finding creative solutions to the obstacles we encounter.





Human Condition: The universal circumstances that face us all simply because we are alive!