About Rob Oliver

In August of 1993, Rob was paralyzed from the chest down as the result of a body surfing injury. At 21 years old, he was confronted with major life questions and decisions. How do the obstacles in my life affect me? Can I succeed in spite of personal limitations? What makes life meaningful? Rob took these questions to heart and began his work to develop a full and meaningful life.


"You are responsible for your own life. The circumstances around you are things that may or may not change, it's your job to find the positive and relish that."


Since his injury, Rob has accomplished what he sees as "everyone's goals". He went on to to complete his education with a Bachelors in Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh, followed by a Masters from Duquesne University. Rob married "the most wonderful woman in the world" and they have 7 year old triplets. (Everyone's goal might not be triplets, but the goal of marriage and having a family is pretty universal.) Today he is working full time.


"We all have goals, we all have obstacles, we need to assess which will win in each of our lives. If you want to accomplish your goals, you're going to have to deal with the obstacles, but not be overcome by them."